Founder: Amit Khanna Ph.D.

A Voyage through Life and Time in Science

Journey with the Founder: Exploring the Intersection of Life, Time, and Science

Amit Khanna Ph.D.

Amit Khanna Ph.D.

Founder, Biotic Chronicles

Welcome to the heart of Biotic Chronicles, previously known as Sequence Support and I’m thrilled to take you on this inspiring journey of connecting the complexities of science with the curiosity of the public.

Biotic Chronicles was birthed from a pioneering vision I had: to build a bridge between the intricate world of scientific research and the everyday curiosity of the general public. The goal? To foster a deeper understanding of science and provide a reliable platform for scientists to excel.

As the Founder and Support Specialist, I wear many hats, each one vital to the seamless operation and growth of this initiative:

Supporting the Scientific Community: With my dedication and resources, I strive to create an environment that fuels scientific discovery. By assisting scientists in overcoming challenges, we collectively make strides towards innovation.

Engaging Public Outreach: My mission doesn’t stop at science; it’s to make it digestible and relatable to everyone. I translate complex scientific concepts into engaging content, contributing to a more scientifically literate society.

Managing the Learning Community: From social media interactions on platforms like Facebook and YouTube to discussions on our website, I ensure we cultivate a culture of knowledge exchange and learning.

Creating Captivating Content: I take great pleasure in researching, scripting, designing, and producing high-quality content. This content mirrors the ethos of Biotic Chronicles, offering precise and compelling scientific insights.

Over the years, my leadership has seen Biotic Chronicles evolve into a trusted platform for scientific discourse, effectively serving as an essential nexus between science and society. Join us as we explore the wonders of science and bridge the gap between curious minds and complex concepts.

I would be remiss if I didn’t express my deepest gratitude for the dedicated team behind Biotic Chronicles. Our Promotions Manager, interns, and every member of the team, work tirelessly to ensure the success of our mission. Their passion, creativity, and unwavering commitment to our shared vision is invaluable, making each exploration of science and each video we produce truly a collective triumph.

In a parallel universe, my passion for science extends beyond Biotic Chronicles. There, I am deeply immersed in product development, innovating and creating cutting-edge solutions. I work with genomics, delving into the world of DNA and genes, while also specializing in In Vitro Diagnostics (IVD) and Research Use Only (RUO) products, helping to enhance our understanding of biology and contribute to the advancement of global health.


At Biotic Chronicles, we delve deep into scientific literature, exploring the corners of established facts and emerging theories. Our research is the backbone of our content, ensuring authenticity and accuracy in every video.


Each video we produce is a translation of complex scientific concepts into relatable narratives. Our vision is to make science accessible and engaging, sparking curiosity and fostering lifelong learning.


A blend of aesthetics and clarity, our design process transforms scientific jargon into visually captivating content. Through graphics, animations, and careful layout, we ensure each video is a feast for the eyes as well as the mind.