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Welcome to Biotic Chronicles, where we publish and distribute captivating books exploring science and life. Our engaging videos cover a wide range of scientific topics, making complex ideas accessible and intriguing. Join us in discovering the fascinating intersections of knowledge and well-being through our content and community discussions.

What do we do?

We publish and distribute captivating books, produce engaging videos, and advocate for health, diet, aging, and preventive medicine through our focus on ncRNAs.


Captivating children’s books for ages 5 to 15, inspiring wonder and exploration through topics like nature, space, colors, and animals, fostering imagination and a thirst for knowledge.


We ignite curiosity with curated content on scientific discoveries, history, and culture through engaging videos featuring stunning visuals and compelling storytelling.


We advocate for health, diet, aging, and preventive medicine by focusing on ncRNAs, producing engaging videos, and sharing insightful research to educate and inspire our audience.

At Biotic Chronicles, we craft captivating children’s books for ages 5 to 15 that inspire wonder and exploration. Each volume delves into nature, space, colors, and animals, fostering imagination and critical thinking. Our books bridge curiosity and knowledge, guiding young readers on a journey of lifelong learning. With the Curiosity Chronicles, you’re giving your child a passport to a world of wonder and a spark for continuous discovery. Dive into this remarkable adventure and explore boundless curiosity with us.

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Where Curiosity Finds Knowledge: BioticChronicles

Our aim at BioticChronicles is to keep you enlightened and engrossed through our carefully curated content that ignites your curiosity and stimulates your intellect. With us, you’ll delve into pioneering scientific discoveries, uncover lost chapters of history, and unearth gritty realities of the crime world.

Our meticulously researched videos, supplemented by stunning visuals and gripping storytelling, ensure an immersive viewing experience that leaves you yearning for more.

Subscribe today for a unique blend of knowledge and fascination, where curiosity meets comprehension. BioticChronicles: a unique junction where science, history, and criminology converge to present a spectacular saga. Join us on this mesmerizing journey!

Discover the realms of science with Biotic Chronicles through our engaging videos on YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram. We cover topics from biology to quantum mechanics, making science intriguing and accessible with visually appealing content. No matter your background, join our community to participate in discussions and deepen your understanding of the scientific world. Immerse yourself in the wonder of science today by following Biotic Chronicles on all our platforms for the latest updates and captivating content.

Our Advocacy Efforts

At Biotic Chronicles, our advocacy focuses on promoting health and well-being through cutting-edge ncRNA research, educating on healthy dietary practices, exploring advancements in aging science, and raising awareness about the critical role of ncRNAs in health.

Join us in fostering a deeper understanding and appreciation for these crucial topics.

Health Advocacy

Promoting ncRNA research to enhance health and well-being.

Dietary Wellness

Educating on healthy diets for better preventive care.

Aging Science

Exploring scientific advancements in aging and longevity.

ncRNA Education

Raising awareness about ncRNAs and their impact on health.

Let’s Work Together

Join us at Biotic Chronicles to explore science, health, and wellness through engaging content and advocacy, working together to inspire curiosity and knowledge.


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